GermanEnglishIt’s my task as a coach to be an expert in asking good questions.
You are the expert regarding your own life.
Life coaching | What is life coaching?

Coaching is solution-oriented, short-term advising.

An increasing number of people are looking for a happy and fulfilled life. Everyone has great potential that is often not developed for many reasons. We become aware of this when we find ourselves in situations of change or crisis. We begin to question our entire lives so far. However, sometimes we do not move forward ourselves and our thoughts go around in circles. This is because we are lacking the necessary distance from ourselves and are frightened at the thought of changes that become unavoidable if we leave our comfort zone. Suddenly, we are lacking clear direction, a "master plan". This is exactly where a life coach comes into play: an outsider's view helps release inner potential.

Originally, it was only top athletes who received coaching from their trainers. In 1974, the American Timothy Gallwey identified in his book The Inner Game of Tennis that it is not what takes place on the court but inside your mind that decides whether you will win the game. This was the beginning of modern mental coaching. Gallwey discovered that this theory could also be applied in other areas and began coaching senior managers. For years, coaching has been common practice in companies to improve performance and during processes of change. Life coaching is a relatively new field. It comprises variants such as relationship, family and nutrition coaching.

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