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... Praxishandbuch Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit [A Practical Handbook on Press and Public Relations] (first edition):

"The author of this book has effectively provided a fine, easy-to-read summary of the latest practical information on the press of today without neglecting the classic issues.", 29 January 2008

"This book keeps the promises it makes in the introduction: it actually conveys the enthusiasm for the fascinating work in and with communication. The foreign office of the Weimar Republic would have needed it in those days.", 29 January 2008

 "Daniela Puttenat has composed a basic, short guide for press and PR work. The book provides a good overview of the understanding and tasks of PR...  It has a clear structure and writing style and avoids unnecessarily complicated formulations." depak PR navigator, May 2007

... Praxishandbuch Krisenkommunikation [A Practical Handbook on Crisis Communication]:

"This book is a compact, clear and easy-to-understand practical guide for all PR beginners and professionals that want to prepare themselves for PR crises as best they can." scm newsletter, February 2009

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