GermanEnglishIt’s my task as a coach to be an expert in asking good questions.
You are the expert regarding your own life.
Life coaching | Life coaching service

 In an individual life coaching session, I devote my full, undivided attention to you. You benefit from my knowledge and skills as a coach and advisor, alone and in an atmosphere of complete discretion. We work hard on your completely individual professional and private development issues. Telephone coaching sessions (also via Skype) are also possible in principle.

What happens in a coaching session?

If you are interested in a coaching session, please contact me directly. One session lasts for 60 minutes. Upon request, I would be happy to explain my working method to you in a personal discussion.

How many sessions are necessary?

That depends on what you want to achieve and where you are now. As I work in an extremely result-oriented manner, most of my clients achieve substantial improvements in one to seven sessions. Double sessions as well as half-day and full-day workshops are offered as a "starting point". If new issues arise in the process, some of my clients choose to receive support over a longer period of time. You decide for how long and how often you want to work with me.

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