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Coaching in an emergency

What do you do if there is a fire? You call the fire brigade. And what about when things start "heating up" in communication? Despite any existing emergency plans you may have, every PR crisis is different and catches companies and public figures off guard, hitting them at full force. In this case, you must act and not react. If you yourself are affected, it is difficult to keep a clear head and make good decisions.

Thanks to my many years of practical experience in companies and agencies and as the author of the book Praxishandbuch Krisenkommunikation [A Practical Handbook on Crisis Communication], I have a good understanding of dealing with difficult, sensitive issues and offer you both preventative crisis management and communication advice in acute crisis situations. Together, we develop strategies for your individual circumstances and go through possible situations and their solution scenarios from A to Z. Of course, I guarantee complete discretion and professionalism here as well.

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