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Mastering changes in the field of PR

Due to new structures in agencies and company press offices, as well as in the media as the main target group, the understanding of PR advisor and press officer job profiles is changing. Journalism is in a state of upheaval. Print media that were once important are being discontinued and editorial offices merged. Editors are now also working under ever-greater pressure. In addition, the impact of social media channels with their new influencers is also rising.

This swift change can trigger anxiety among PR professionals and raise existential questions: Where does that leave me with the PR training and experience I have now? How can I keep up to date with media work in the 2.0 world? How can I make and maintain long-term media contacts? How can I position myself as a PR professional in a way that stops me from drowning in the competition of communication employees?

As an instructor of trainees and the head of PR teams, I know from experience what professional and personal skills you need in order to come across as credible and highly professional and be taken seriously by superiors and clients. I share this knowledge in my books as well as in personal coaching sessions and advise PR professionals on all issues of self-PR.

For PR beginners, I can help you expand your basic knowledge, network efficiently, deal with the press and much more. Get fit for the exciting job in and with communication!

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