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Publications | Book: the mini PR coach

Now in a new edition: the handbook for all PR beginners

How do I get involved in PR? How can I get my company news or new products in the media? How can I organise events and campaigns? Where can I get ideas for popular PR topics?
This practical handbook provides a broad overview and numerous practical tips on the main areas of PR: it supplies basic knowledge on understanding public relations and provides guidance on classic press work, such as how to write press texts and the dos and don'ts for dealing with journalists. PR beginners in particular can also find out about the available resources for everyday work, from research to success monitoring, as well as learn how to use them correctly. Creative suggestions and the evaluation of current PR trends round off the handbook and make it into a PR coach in book form. Numerous practical examples clearly demonstrate how to achieve a major media impact even with little effort and expense.

New in the second edition: Twitter, Facebook, etc.: social media in PR.

Author: Daniela Puttenat. Springer Verlag, second edition 2013. 143 pages
(available in German only)

ISBN 978-3-8349-2611-1

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