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Compact, clear, practical – examples of communicative crises and what you can learn from them

Verbal slip-ups and non-verbal derailments, embarrassing photo retouching, political affairs, damage to your image – communication blunders lurk behind every corner and quickly develop into major PR disasters. How is a PR crisis actually caused? What has to happen for it to reach the worst-case scenario in PR? What happens during a crisis and what lessons can be learned from it? The book Praxishandbuch Krisenkommunikation [A Practical Handbook on Crisis Communication] looks into numerous incidents and points out typical patterns and commonalities as well as characteristics of individual cases. In an entertaining way, the reader finds out about existing communication stumbling blocks and learns how to avoid them. The most important crisis lessons are clearly summarised. Useful Internet addresses, literature references and film tips round off the book.

A practical guide for all PR beginners and professionals that want to prepare themselves for PR crises as best they can.

Author: Daniela Puttenat. Springer Verlag, 2009. 181 pages
(available in German only)

ISBN 978-3-8349-1053-0

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