GermanEnglishIt’s my task as a coach to be an expert in asking good questions.
You are the expert regarding your own life.
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"My philosophy is: every day is a new day." (Andy Warhol)

Communicating with and advising people on an equal footing is what motivates and inspires me every day anew. In addition to this, I also have more than twelve years' experience working in agencies and companies as well as excellent media contacts. I convey my expertise and enthusiasm for communication to my readers in two successful specialist books on press and public relations.

As a life and PR coach, I provide advice to people who would like to appear more confident in public, such as to the media. Or people who are looking to make personal changes and lead a fulfilled, self-determined life day after day. The following are examples of questions that make a difference to my clients:

What are my sources of strength?
How can I improve my quality of life?
How can I find the career that is my calling?
How can I make my relationships successful?

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